What To Eat With Coffee

What to Eat With Coffee: 5 Food Pairings You Will Love!

Move Over, Wine! Coffee Is the Perfect Match For Food

Coffee Pairings With Food – Is That Even a Thing?


In this busy world we are often grabbing a morning coffee to kickstart our brain, or perhaps we quickly grab a refreshing iced coffee after a stressful trip to the supermarket. However, maybe what we don’t do enough is stop for a moment and have a think about what amazing food we could be eating with it.


Here at The Coffee Club, we are so passionate about coffee and food, we want to share our top 5 great foods to pair with a delicious coffee.

1.   Tiramisu

 Tiramisu & Coffee

Tiramisu is an excellent Italian dessert that can be enjoyed in the morning or evening… or both! When it comes to what goes well with coffee, tiramisu contains coffee, so it’s a bit of a no-brainer that it goes wonderfully with a shot of espresso. Technically, a tiramisu would be served before the coffee comes out, but why wait when they make such a great match?

2.   Crêpes


The beauty of these delicate circles of joy is their versatility. When eaten plainly, crêpes are perfect with something simple like Americano. Serve them with interesting fillings and you have a carnival of flavor! Sweet berries are the yin to the yang of a bitter coffee bean, and a savory filling, like mature cheese, is a classic partner for a smooth cup. 

3.   Bacon

 crispy bacon

A classic American pairing, wouldn’tcha say? We think there is nothing finer than waking up to a cup of Joe and a plate of sizzling bacon. The decision of ‘what to eat with coffee’ is answered wonderfully simply in this instance. Many people love the taste combo so much that they marinade their bacon in coffee and maple syrup!


4.   Cheese

 grilled cheese

We already mentioned this little beauty earlier, but cheese is a great food to go with coffee because there is a huge range of flavors to choose from. Sweet, mature, nutty, or creamy, all kinds of cheese go well with all kinds of coffee! But if you want to keep it simple and comforting, go for a strong cup with an oozing grilled cheese sandwich.


 5.   Chocolate

Ahh, hello old friend. Chocolate and coffee – or ‘bean buddies’ as we never call them but will now. These two are the ultimate in decadence, and they were born to be together. Both are bitter, smooth, sweet, and intensely rich. And our favorite thing about this pairing you ask? You can enjoy them both anytime, anywhere.


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