The Five Best Activities For Coffee Enthusiasts

The Five Best Activities for Coffee Enthusiasts!


1) Hiking

There is something about hiking that has drawn people in since the beginning of time.  Psychologically, human beings notably coffee enthusiasts have always had a desire for exploration.  It makes us feel alive, it gives us a sense of accomplishment that we discovered a new area and or landmark. 

Coffee Enthusiasts crave a challenge

Especially one that is mental and physical like hiking through tough terrain and high peaks!  With that being said, it is no surprise that people who enjoy hiking and pushing themselves also enjoy a nice cup of coffee.  Coffee stimulates our minds and bodies and helps push us when our body is aching.  Another activity that you will most likely be doing if you are an avid hiker is camping.  Not too many better feelings than waking up to the sunrise in the middle of nature and just genuinely living in the moment.  In the absence of other people and big cities your mind can wander into a happy place.  One that has no anxiety or depressive thoughts.  A natural meditation if you will. 

Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Starting your day off with a fresh cup of coffee in the wilderness is a complete moment of bliss.  Forget your day-to-day life or what you need to do next week, Let’s just enjoy these 30 minutes of euphoria.  A reason why hiking and coffee enthusiasts mix well.  For your next adventure do not forget to pack your fun coffee mugs, some coffee t-shirts and your coffee hat!  Make memories that will last a lifetime. If you need any tips on how to relieve stress check out Healthline for some guidance.

 hiking up a mountain

2) Traveling 

What better way to spend your free time than traveling the world!  Traveling is the one thing you spend money on that makes you richer.  The experiences that you have and the people that you meet is really priceless.  Spend your day checking out a new city, diving into a new lake or making your way up a new mountain!  What do these activities and coffee have in common?  Energy is essential for discovery and new experiences.  This is why people who love to travel also love coffee.  Coffee brings people together too.  It is a great way to meet someone for the first time and get to know the things that they enjoy and love. 

Reason #2 coffee enthusiasts and traveling goes hand in hand

The long hours it takes to travel.  Many times, you will be either stuck in a vehicle or airplane for hours on end.  You may have jet lag or just be very tired but the fact that you are in a new place means that you need to seize the day!  Wake up and pour some coffee into your fun coffee mug and take on the day.  Traveling is something you can never do enough of.  There will always be new places to see and new people to meet.  As you are planning your next trip, make sure to grab a backpack, t shirt, fun coffee mug or a water bottle from The Coffee Club! Shop Now

 world globe

3) Reading

The third activity that I want to touch on is reading.  Few things ease the mind and bring enjoyment like reading a good book and drinking a robust cup of joe.  Whether you are diving into a new book or reading a new article in the morning paper it must be relished with a snack and a cup of coffee.  Reading stimulates the mind and studies have shown that it makes you sharper and more articulate.  This is why it is not only a good habit but also an enjoyable one. For some good recommendations on the best books of 2022 check out Time Magazine for some great reads.

Read for 15 minutes a day

This will add a significant number of words to your vocabulary and it will help your mind with clarity.  With that being said, reading can make me sleepy and I know I am not the only one.  Coffee can give you that lift you need to get through the next chapter or finish the last article.  A cup of the brew can boost energy, support brain & heart health, help with weight management and has been linked to a lower risk of depression.  There is no surprise coffee and reading have always had an association with a more happy, meaningful and active lifestyle.  Three things that have been proven to extend your life and create longevity. 

 reading a book

4) Exercising

Ever notice that the happiest people are the ones that exercise daily.  The stress relief and mental clarity that exercising creates is second to none.  Pushing your body and mind to the limit is important for longevity.  No secret that this activity is enjoyed by people who also like to drink coffee.  A cup of coffee and a balanced breakfast followed by a workout sets you up for a successful day!  Don’t like to workout? 

Different Exercizing Activities

There are many other exercising activities, this includes biking, walking, running, swimming, hiking, rock climbing etc… My point is exercising doesn’t have to be boring.  Put on a good podcast, playlist or audio book and get after it!  Before you start your exercise don’t forget to eat a healthy snack and drink your cup of coffee.  Make sure you stay hydrated as well, you can grab a coffee water bottle when you click the link below!  If you are going hiking or biking you are going to want to pack your things in a backpack, you can find those here as well.  Make today count! Shop Now


5) Learning New Things

Human beings are born with something in our brains that makes us want to learn new things.  This goes back millions of years to the first humans to roam this beautiful planet.  Learning new things brings us satisfaction and in turn brings us happiness.  I left this for the last activity for coffee enthusiasts on this blog.  The reason why, is because it brings all of the prior activities together. 

Hiking and Exercising

For example, hiking and exercising go hand in hand for exploration of new things.  When hiking a new trail or mountain, you are covering new undiscovered ground and it releases dopamine from your brain.  Your brain is thinking, “what’s next?” An animal I haven’t ever seen?  A new creek, pond or waterfall?  This brings excitement and pushes you to complete the hike.


Secondly, reading in itself is a way to learn new things.  Matter of fact, it is the best way to learn.  There is a book about pretty much anything and everything and that is a special thing.  Want to learn about a different country, how to make a new dish, how mountains were formed, how the human brain works?  I can promise you there are hundreds of books on all these subjects and many more. 


Traveling is another activity that you are learning new things with every trip.  We travel to get out of our element, to dive into different places, different cultures and experience new things.  Whether we are traveling to learn about how people live in a certain location or we are wanting to explore the landscape in a different country... we are there to learn something new!  Now how does all of this bring us back to coffee?  One thing is for sure, learning new things takes energy and coffee gives us energy!  Also, many cultures drink different kinds of coffee from different regions which adds to learning something new.  Please continue to try new things, meet new people and read new books.  Exercise daily and most importantly get out of your comfort zone because this will help you grow as an individual and builds character!