The Five Strongest Coffee Brands in The World!



  1. Devil Mountain Black Label

Devil Mountain Coffee


For the people that go bold or go home.  A healthy 1,555 mg of caffeine per 12 ounce cup of the Black Label.  Nothing to bat an eye at.. Being more than 6 times stronger than your standard brew, be ready to dive deep into that work you have.  Founded in California, Devil Mountain coffee wanted to give the world the strongest brew they had ever tasted.  After traveling to Central and South America in search of the world’s best coffee.  With a unique blend and different approach to roasting beans, Devil Mountain achieved the highest caffeine content of any company.  Check out more about Devil Mountain Coffee here.



     2. Very Strong Coffee Company

Very Strong Coffee Company 


I think it is fair to say that they got straight to the point with their branding and name.  This coffee company had one goal in mind and that was to make strong damn coffee!  How strong are we talking?  Coming in at a whopping 1,350 mg per 12 oz makes it equal to about 13 cups of regular coffee.  Very Strong Coffee Company uses 100% Robusta coffee beans which have twice the strength of Arabica beans.  This is going to give you intense aromas and a powerful flavor when sipping.  Many of you may be asking where the idea for this extremely strong coffee brand started.  The two owners used to work in aircraft operations, a job in which you have to be aware of everything and your senses must be heightened.  Regular coffee was not to helpful for the long hours in which their brains needed to be functioning.  This led them to seek out the strongest coffee beans around the world.  That brought them to Vietnam where they grow a particular type of robusta bean that yeilds an excessive amount of caffeine.  Although robusta beans are typically bitter they discovered a way to roast them and bring out great flavor without sacrificing the caffeine content.  The secret comes from the unique wet polished process at the end of the roast.  This is now claimed to be the strongest coffee in the UK.  If you are in for a cup of coffee with bold flavor and crazy amounts of caffeine then look no further. Not for the light hearted, this coffee will keep you going all day!  If you are an explorer like the owners of Very Strong Coffee then click the link for some hiking products!




     3. Black Insomnia Coffee Company

Black Insomnia Coffee Company 


If you are someone who enjoys flavor more than just an extreme amount of caffeine, Black Insomnia may be the choice for you!  This coffee brand is no push over with the amount of punch it packs! At 1,105 mg per 12 oz it will surely get you through any morning you may be having.  With that being said, many other strong coffee brands have just one flavor.. At Black Insomnia they want to integrate different flavor profiles in with the hearty caffeine kick.  They have all natural flavor notes of dark chocolate, hazelnut, caramel and macadamia.  The flavors are acheived in the way that they roast the coffee.  While avoiding roasting the beans too long where the coffee is just a bit too bitter, the perfect roast times make for a fantastic & robust cup of joe!  Working with some of the most exclusive coffee producers in the best regions to grow high caffeine beans is how they do it.  There are no additives in this coffee, the constant pursuit of perfectly growing the finest arabica and robusta beans is their recipe.  Next time you are in need of a jolt to get you going, look no further then Black Insomnia coffee!  To learn more about Black Insomnia Coffee click here.



    4. BioHazard Coffee Company

Bio Hazard Coffee Company


There are not too many situations that BioHazard coffee can’t relieve you of.  Whether you need to pull an all nighter for an exam or to beat a bad hangover from lack of sleep.. BioHazard has geared there coffee marketing towards college students and late night gamers!  A cup of this stuff will surely set you in the right direction.  Organically grown using robusta beans this coffee comes in at a hefty 928 mg per 12 oz.  This amount of caffeine is achieved through lightly and carefully roasting the beans to retain the caffeine and flavor.  This is a dark roast coffee with a heavy body and earthy taste.  You will get aromas of hazelnut and cherry while smelling this intense coffee.  An exceptional brand of coffee that will surely give you a surge of energy.  Pound for pound this is a heavyweight when it comes to the battle of the strongest coffee brands in the world!  Check out BioHazard coffee's website for more information!



     5. Death Wish Coffee Company

Death Wish Coffee Company


This coffee brand is for the real bean heads.  There is no need to look for any drugs or pills to keep you up and going.  If your brain needs a boost then all 472 mg of caffeine per 12oz will surely do the job.  A normal cup of coffee will be about 150 mg of caffeine per 12oz.  You can do the math but for each 12oz cup of Death Wish coffee equals more than 3 cups of your normal coffee.  However, most people drink 16oz to 20oz servings so that is 628 or 788 mg of caffeine if served in those sizes!  Now that is enough mg of caffeine to wake a horse up out of a deep sleep.  To obtain this level of caffeine Death Wish uses arabica and robusta coffee beans.  Robusta beans have a more concentrated amount of caffeine per bean with contents being about 2.2% to 2.7% per bean.  Arabica has a less concentrated amount at 1.2% to 1.5% per bean.  Needless to say, Death Wish coffee uses both but they use more robusta beans to give you that kick and the arabica gives you the smooth, clean taste.  Caffeine content has more variables than just the type of bean.  The technique and how long they are roasted also play a big role in how much caffeine will be in your cup.  If you are not satisfied with the coffee you are currently drinking then I would suggest you look into Death Wish for a bolt of energy with every sip.  If you need the correct mug to drink your extremely strong coffee out of then look no further than The Coffee Club!  With many different design options you will find one best suited for you.  For more information about Death Wish Coffee check out their website.