Best Gifts For Coffee Lovers



Seven of the best gifts for the coffee lover in your life

You’ve probably noticed coffee is pretty big right now. Plenty of us have a cup in the morning or enjoy hanging out with friends over a cappuccino at our local coffee shop. But we all know someone who takes it further, who grinds their beans, geeks out on gadgets, and loves to talk about the advantages of cold brew over drip. The best gifts for coffee lovers are listed in this blog.


They can be intimating to buy gifts for, after all, they already have all the gadgets they could need, right? Luckily for you, there are heaps of fun and exciting products available. We’ve boiled it down to seven gifts that even the most passionate and well-equipped coffee addict will love.

1. Fun Mug


 You can’t go wrong with a fun coffee mug, and you can never have enough of them! With so many hilarious and quirky designs to choose from, you’re sure to find one that brings a smile to their face every time they use it.  All coffee lovers enjoy a good laugh in the morning.  An excellent gift for that will last a long time.


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2. Ember Smart Mug


Looking for something more sci-fi? Check out Ember’s temperature control smart mug.  It isn't cheap but it is a good gift for a coffee lover.  There’s nothing worse than a lukewarm cup of coffee and only you can save your coffee lover from this terrible fate.


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3. Coffee Shop Canvas


What comes to mind when you think of coffee? If it's refinement and sophistication then this canvas is for you. The simple, elegant design will breathe a positive atmosphere into any room in the house.

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 4. Face Mask


Over these last couple of years, coffee’s been one of the few things you can rely on. Help your coffee lover stay safe in style with a comfy, machine washable mask. 


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5. Vacuum Canister



Keeping your coffee fresh and full of flavor can be a grind. Some people think they’ve cracked it by keeping their beans in the refrigerator, unfortunately, this is a quick way to contaminate your coffee with all the other flavors hanging out in there. Keep the taste of cold cuts out of your coffee lover’s mug with a vacuum-sealed canister that guarantees freshness.


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6. Water Bottle


This ergonomic water bottle is perfect for a coffee lover on the move. The right size for a rucksack or cup holder, it’ll keep their chosen beverage hot or cold for hours. Whether it's a black coffee, an iced coffee, or even water. Coffee lovers drink water sometimes, right?  


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7. Coffee Body Scrub



For the last item on our list, we’ve given you something a little unusual. However much they love coffee we’re sure this exfoliating body rub, made from real coffee grounds will be a first for them and leave them with radiant skin.


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